Why me?

I’ve worn your shoes

When the tech bubble burst in 2000, I found myself looking for a new job far more often than I wanted to admit. I’ve had similar experiences in the last few years as well. Seeking a job can be challenging, but the process of finding one doesn’t have to be! I always received a job offer within six week of starting a search, and often multiple offers.

Leverage my marketing chops

For nearly the past ten years, I have marketed products and services that have consistently achieved or exceeded sales expectations. When we’re seeking to make a career change, we are marketing ourselves, just like any product or service. I’ve worked with C-suite executives, presented to clients, hired and managed people, and built businesses. Consider what all of this could do for you.

Mentor to career coach

For years, my friends and coworkers have come to me for career advice: managing change in a transitional workforce, positioning themselves for greatness and when they are seeing new employment. I’ve written resumes, held hands while they were networking and interviewing, and supported them through the entire process.

Make this experience work for you!

Let Volto exceed your expectations!

With Sam’s recommendations I received many inquiries, scheduled several interviews, and was able to land a contract job within a few short weeks! All I can say is Sam is exceptionally good and the right person to work with when it comes to resume writing!

— Jennifer

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