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Are you itching for a change in your life, but you’re not sure what you want to do? You know you love to travel and want to see the world, but it’s hard with a full-time job and life commitments. Selling everything you own and moving abroad is for other people—not you. So you try to quell the yearning and tell yourself you don’t need that. You have a great life!

Maybe you want to travel more but you’re not sure how to get started or where to go. Guided tours cost so much money but you get overwhelmed thinking about everything you have to do in order to plan a trip. So, instead, you watch the Travel Channel and dream…

Or maybe you love to read about other people’s travel adventures, but you’re not excited by the prospect of packing a bag and getting on a plane for a gazillion hours. Have I got the adventures for you!

My Flying Leap is a travel blog about a woman with a dream to live abroad with her dog while traveling the world as much as possible until that happens.

Yes, that woman is me! If you want to read about my travel adventures, please click below to go to the blog. If you sign up for emails, you will get a weekly post delivered to your inbox.

I’m so excited for you to join me!



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Travel the World with Me!

Working with Samantha is always a great joy. She’s creative, intuitive and fully engaged throughout the entire process. While Samantha is a consummate professional, she is also fun with a quick wit. I plan on working with her on many more of my projects in the future.

— Chante O.

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